POINTRADE Foreign Trade & Consultancy has been established as an import-export & consultancy company. POINTRADE has been targeting to guarantee doing business in foreign markets with minimum risk, in a transparent & proper manner by using foreign trade experience and knowledge gained in different sectors. POINTRADE; as a modern, dynamic and open-minded company; undertakes to supervise and implement import, export and foreign trade operational process. Using its broad customer portfolio and long-term foreign market experiences; POINTRADE determines the most suitable markets for its business partners, makes price analyzes as per market conditions and decides distribution strategies in foreign markets. In this way, we offer a result oriented, more profitable sales process with minimum risk to our partners. Besides; we help our clients for their supplies from abroad to get optimum price in most reliable way by using our supplier portfolio in abroad and making necessary market researches. Our main priority is to meet our customer’s, supplier’s and business partner’s requirements on time, with good quality and consistently. Being favorable and honest as well as sticking to ethical values in our all relations is not a preference for us but an obligation.

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